Walleye Fishing & Musky Fishing on the St. Louis River

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The Walleye Fishing

season starts the second weekend in May. Walleye from Lake Superior spawn in the St. Louis River and start a slow migration back to the lake. Most Lake Walleyes are out of the river usually around August depending on water temperature. There are large numbers of Walleye and the opportunity to catch BIG Walleye are plentiful on the St. Louis River. The primary fishing technique is trolling spinner rigs, crank baits and jigging. Each of these have their place in the season. Catches of 15-30 Walleyes are common if the conditions are right. With the stained water clarity of the St. Louis River, Walleye fishing can be good even in late afternoons. The St. Louis River is a border waterway between Superior, Wisconsin and Duluth, Minnesota known as the Twin Ports. The quality of fishing walleye, musky and other local fish are outstanding.


Musky Fishing

season starts Memorial weekend and runs through freeze up which is usually the 3rd week in November. There are 3 types of Musky that are present in the St. Louis River. The Leech Lake strain (Spotted), The Wisconsin strain (Barred) and the Tiger Musky.There are a very large number of fish 38-43 inches with 50 inch plus fish available! Early in the season I generally fish with crank baits in the shallow bays and flats casting and trolling. As summer heats up I switch over to bladed baits and troll channel edges and cast weed flats. In the fall I go back to large crank crank baits and this is when you have the best chance at catching a true trophy with heavy bodied Muskies available. If you don't like casting we can always troll which is my preferred presentation on the St. Louis River. And let's all practice CPR - Catch, Photo, Release.

Crappie Fishing

The St. Louis River has outstanding Crappie fishing all year long with a limit of 25 per person. You will have plenty of action with some real nice size Crappies in the mix.

Sturgeon Fishing

Sturgeon fishing is a catch and release only season that closes April 14th and Opnes June 16th. There is a good population of Lake Sturgeon in the St. Louis River with many fish in the 50 inch to 60 inch range. These fish are very strong and fun to fight.

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